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Hugging in the kitchen,while waiting for his pasta to heat up in the microwave. Enjoying his arms around me he whispers

"Want to know one of the reasons I fell in love with you..?"

I smile & look up at him expectantly

"Not only are you pretty & cute..& interesting but you are weird & quirky. I [knew then] wanted to look after you…"

😕 At first that was my face but I laughed because it was the most honest thing he has said in a while & it was sweet in way. I know I’m not normal. However that wasnt what disturbed me, so I couldn’t help but say

"…Then why haven’t you been looking after me properly?"

To which he hugged me tight & gave me another promise

" I promise I will do better this time."

I can’t ask for anything else.
I just hope this isn’t another promise he will break because God knows how much I can take.

But I love him…& I hope that Love will be on my side this time.

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I6 again.

The first time I ever saw MCR was at the Green Day concert in 2005.

The following day I went to their headlining show in the Round House.

It was the best 2 days of my life.

Yesterday I saw MCR at Big Day Out and tonight I will be seeing them
again at Horden Pavilion.

I guess the 16 year old emo inside never left.

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Im the girl in the pit.

I’m not claiming I’m good at moshing/hardcore “dancing”,whatever you want to call it. All I want to do is loose my shit like the “big boys” to my favorite band.

Tonight was no exception.

Some guys whom I was around came up to me after the show and said they were impressed with my efforts, one even shook my hand to tell me “you go hard or go home”.

I must say, it made me feel good.
I’m happy that even though I’m a girl and almost a midget, people didn’t laugh at me. They were impressed.

This just goes to show that girls need
to man the fuck up and mosh.

Im the girl in the pit and I’m tired of being the only one.

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