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Im the girl in the pit.

I’m not claiming I’m good at moshing/hardcore “dancing”,whatever you want to call it. All I want to do is loose my shit like the “big boys” to my favorite band.

Tonight was no exception.

Some guys whom I was around came up to me after the show and said they were impressed with my efforts, one even shook my hand to tell me “you go hard or go home”.

I must say, it made me feel good.
I’m happy that even though I’m a girl and almost a midget, people didn’t laugh at me. They were impressed.

This just goes to show that girls need
to man the fuck up and mosh.

Im the girl in the pit and I’m tired of being the only one.

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Warped Tour- San Diego.

This was one of the most amazing days i have ever experienced.

I had been looking forward to this day for over 9 years.

Being in a Australia we dont get to see many of our favourite artists or even

experience good rock/metal/hardcore festivals!

In high school i dreamed about experiencing warped tour, wondered how many bands i would get to see, how much merch i would get! so on and so on.

But it exceeded my expectations. It was so much fun, there was so much to do and so many amazing bands to see, i regret not having enough time to see most of them.

I hope to go again soon & I hope that any one who reads this appreciates their local bands and shows…

Seriously people, dont take it for granted. You truly dont know how lucky you are. 

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