Simple Kind of Life.

When all the simple things are too complicated for my life.

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I feel like fucking death incarnate and tonight will just make it worse


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Anonymous asked: 1. Biggest regret 2. Happiest memory 3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

1. Not talking to my cousin more about things that I knew I could have helped him with…maybe if I opened up a bit more he wouldn’t have felt so helpless. But I never got the chance.

2. The night there was meant to be a ctown gig but it got cancelled and my group of friends posted on MySpace & placed signs at the venue that there was going to be a party at Sebs house. Craziest/drunkest night for everyone.
We were young, just 17 years old & doing stupid shit, best night & def. the happiest one❤️

3. I really don’t know… But I know I would love to be not stressed and at least closer to owning my own home for my little family. Maybe hopefully planning to have another by this stage. We don’t want Aisha and her sibling to be more than 5 years apart.