Simple Kind of Life.

When all the simple things are too complicated for my life.

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It’s a pretty shit feeling when someone forgets you because things are going okay for them

But when they weren’t they needed you.

Really fucking annoying

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femmellie asked: I am just so in love with your little girl. You're doing such a wonderful job. Motherhood suits you! ❀️

😊😊😊 thank you, it’s nice to know that ppl think I’m doing okay as a mum even when most of the time I feel like I’m not! But thank you 😘 ur an excellent mother too. You’re strong, we both are x

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I’m still angry about yesterday

I wish I was out and just forgetting about things for a while

Aisha has just been asleep the whole night & holding her just hasn’t made my mind stop

Plus the husband is out.


I’m tired & I really just want to be anywhere else but here